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Here at Mixologist's Garden we want every drink to be perfect and to leave a memorable experience for customers. That's why we give you all the tools you need to Perfect Your Serve. 

  • Easy & consistent serve

  • Twice the flavour of fresh fruit

  • Zero waste & responsibly made

  • Light, resealable packaging

  • For alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages


Mixologist's Garden is designed with busy bars in mind, enabling the trade to deliver The Perfect Serve. Our high-quality fruit is ambient, making serving effortless whilst eliminating wastage and giving consistency to every serve.

Bars using Mixologist's Garden report significantly reduced labour costs and gives bartenders more time to welcome and serve customers (and not chopping up fruit).


A unique category opportunity for an entirely incremental sale. Mixologist's Garden will delight your customers' drinking experience at home with the ultimate convenient fruit garnish solution.

Ideal for impulse purchases in supermarkets, convenience stores and garden centres.

global travel

Mixologist's Garden is the perfect fruit garnish solution to accompany the much-anticipated dash to Duty-Free and provide travellers with a delightful drinking experience to enhance their purchases.

In ambient and resealable packs, our garnishes offer a reliable and tasty fruit solution for the duration of your customers' travels.

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"Being able to share Mixologist’s Garden with our network has been a game changer. Every bar we shared this with has said that the brand is true innovation for the drinks sector."

Bar owner, UK

"We love this brand! Simple yet innovative and a clear value-add for our customers."

Travel retailer, Europe

"These garnishes are my secret weapon behind the bar. Their vibrant colours and intense flavours elevate every cocktail, making them a must-have for any bartender."

Mixologist, UK

"These seem to be really popular products with my customers. I'm eagerly anticipating my next delivery."

Convenience store owner, UK